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Reinforcing blocks

The processing of marble, granite or onyx blocks extraxcted from guarries, requires them to be in good condition. Otherwise the cracks and breakings should be reinforced both internally and externaly. By using Megapoxy reinforcing systems you get excelent results before transporting blocks to processing factories.


Block reinforcement system with Megapoxy Megabond

The block is reinforced and protected with two-component epoxy paste and glass mesh  

Products: Megapoxy Megabond

Block reinforcement system with resin

The block is reinforced with two-components resin and glass mesh.

Products: Ενισχυτικό Υαλόπλεγμα W3003 Megapoxy ΗΧ Megapoxy H

Block reinforcement system with Vacuum

The block is reinforced with special exoxy products and glass mesh using vacuum pump.